Chicago/Tradder Todd’s/CrocFest

Good Afternoon, a few updates! Just getting Back from Chicago a couple weeks ago, where my Dad and I went to celebrate fathers day weekend, loved sharing the beautiful city and the kindness there with him. While in town Trader Todd's had a snappy hour event for EEARSS. Would like to send the sincerest thank … Continue reading Chicago/Tradder Todd’s/CrocFest

New Project

Howdy y'all, got some exciting news! We will be collaborating with North Carolina State University on our first research project through EEARSS. We will be capturing American Alligators in Brevard County and sampling and looking for contaminate loads of all types including forever chemicals. No animals will be harmed during this, they will donate a … Continue reading New Project

Nearly October

Another year nearly gone, wow does time fly.?..soar?...rocket? ah maybe its all of those. These past few weeks have seen some critters in some very interesting situations. It has been quite busy. There is on on-going issue with wildlife that needs to be addressed, and if we are being honest has been discussed over and … Continue reading Nearly October