There are many Crocodilian Species around the globe. Many of these animals are in perilous situations. Numerous species are critically endangered, protected, some on the verge of extinction in the wild if drastic changes can’t be made. Through this project, we aim to give crocodilians a voice, by doing just that! Letting their voices be heard. Through scientific recordings I (Frank Robb) am doing with the help of a professional recording studio (T. Cranston) and other local and global experts in Biology (Alex Robertson), crocodilian world (Jen Brueggen)and the CSG (Crocodile Specialist Group). We aim to record each species to share these voices with the public and scientific community, while also doing our own research on all aspects of what we gather to be presented at to 2020 CSG meeting in Mexico.

Any donations gathered will be used specifically for our research, travel, equipment and related expenses. Thank you so much for taking the time. We appreciate your support.