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Frank Robb

Frank “Alligator” Robb

Environmental Education Awareness Research Support and Services, or EEARSS, is a non-profit started by Frank Alligator Robb. Mr. Robb has 27 years of experience dealing with wildlife and is looking to grow the educational programs for federal, state, city, and county government agencies, schools and the public. EEARSS also strives to continue relationships and research around the globe. Specific research and background involves, Alligator toxicology, endocrinology, along with health of local ecosystems, Gopher Tortoise’s, controlled fires, viruses affecting wild alligator populations in Florida, sea turtle nesting populations, and survey data for county and federal level governments, including a proven track record with the Brevard County Environmentally Endangered Lands Programs, NASA and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Mr. Robb is on all social media @alligatorrobb

Currently Involved in Research projects with NC State and other universities