Possums saved

Found these guys. Well actually 3 boys and 1 girl yesterday on the road after their mom had been hit by a car. Safely transferred to Florida Wildlife Hospital ❤️ … Continue reading Possums saved

BeachFly Brewing

We had an excellent educational program at Beachfly Brewing yesterday evening! If you would like a program for you or your group reach out to us! Eearss.org@gmail.com If you can … Continue reading BeachFly Brewing

Florida Today Crocodile Article


EcoFest Awards!!

Rita Pritchett EEARSS Podcast Season 2 Episode 1

Howdy yall and welcome to the EEARSS Podcast season 2!! We are excited to be back at it with an entire season of new and exciting guests, discussions, trivia and … Continue reading Rita Pritchett EEARSS Podcast Season 2 Episode 1