Andy Murray Season 2 Episode 16

Howdy and WELCOME! to the EEARSS Podcast Produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 16 of Season 2 we are Joined by Andy Murray. where do I start, what a tremendous guy he is. He is an extremely talented Chef and Businessman (who operates the Caddyshack Bros Restaurants in Rosemont Illinois and St Augustine Florida), with an incredible family. Andy is 1 of 9 siblings, a few which are actors, Joel, Brian and Bill Murray. Andy has just recently published a book called "Eat, Drink and Be Murray" and what an excellent read is it! There are stories about growing up in the Murray home, his loving parents, trouble the brothers would cause and so much more! Including some seriously tasty recipes along with each story that are easy/quick to make. The way in which this book is written takes you literally into the Murray family home and puts you into the kitchen and at the table right beside them. The book also has fun memories of places Andy has worked/cooked, notable people that have come in and how his experience and love for cooking has evolved along the way. Not to mention the vital tools required to do the job! If you are looking for the IDEAL Christmas Present, look no further! You can find "Eat, Drink and Be Murray" at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Google Books and about anywhere else you can imagine! Andy will also be having a book signing Friday December 2nd, in St. Augustine at the Murray Bros CaddyShack Restuarant there. Thank you for tunning in! You can find the EEARSS Podcast on all platforms by searching EEARSS! See you next week! And a blessed Thanksgiving to you and your families!!