Good Morning From Belize!! We are in Central America doing research with our Dear Friends with the CRC this week. Keep an Eye out on Instagram and Facebook for continuing … Continue reading Belize

Edna Wilson Season 2 Episode 22

Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS Podcast Produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 22 of Season 2 we are joined by Edna Wilson of Celebrate Real Estate. Ms. Edna is a huge supporter of EEARSS and so many other causes here on the Spacecoast. We discuss her, her organization and learn a bit more about her love for our local community. Thank you for joining us! Tune in next week with Stel Bailey from Fight for Zero. You can find the EEARSS Podcast on all platforms by searching EEARSS. Thanks for tuning in!


Today started an amazing collaboration with EEARSS and Astronaut High School and their Drone program. Super excited about this!

Julia Breezeway Business Plans! EEARSS Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

Howdy and welcome to the EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast, produced by Terrier TV. Into season 2, On Episode 5 we are joined by Julia from Breezeway Business Plans. Julia has been a nurse, college professor, business owner and so much more. I often refer to her and her worth ethic and determination, like a strong cup of coffee. It'll knock you into gear and make everything work. She has an incredible story and is a tremendous resource that every business owner should have in their corner! is her website. We end with some trivia as always. EEARSS.ORG has a event coming up in Chicago at Revolution Brewing on Sept 25th from 2-6 and a HUGE event at Sand Point Park in Titusville on Nov 19th all day. These are both FREE events to attend!