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More excellent pictures coming in from EEARSS EcoFest. More to come!! Thank you @davebrinko and @bourbon_and_pie

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Van Dyke Episode 18 Season 2

Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS Podcast Produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 18 of Season 2 we are joined by Ms. Van Dyke the president of the Titusville Chamber of Commerce. She discusses the purpose of the Chamber and its purpose/roll and her journey to working for the chamber. Thank you for tuning in to the EEARSS Podcast, you can find us on all platforms by searching EEARSS. See you next week with Keith Winston from the Brevard Zoo!


Today started an amazing collaboration with EEARSS and Astronaut High School and their Drone program. Super excited about this!


Dr Jacqueline Rodriguez Episode 17 Season 2

Howdy and welcome to Episode 17 of Season 2 of the EEARSS Podcast, Produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 17 we are joined by Dr. Jacqueline Rodriguez. Prepare yourself to read one of the most impressive biographies you have ever even tried to imagine. Dr. Rodriguez is the Vice President for Research, Policy and Advocacy at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) (AACTE.ORG) where she leads the strategy and content development for the association's research, programs and professional learning, state and federal policy and advocacy initiatives. She is an experienced teacher, teacher leader and professor. She has a Ph.D. in education with a focus on exceptional education from the University of Central Florida where she was a McKnight Doctoral Fellow and an Order of Pegasus Awardee. She Earned a M.A. in special education with a learning disabilities specialization from American University and her B.A. in international affairs and Latin American studies with concentration in international development, culture, and society from The George Washington University. This is literally just touching the very beginning of accomplishments that go on and on. She went to Titusville High School and I have known this outstanding woman for years. She has NEVER taken the easy approach, she has always challenged and held herself and all those around her to the highest of standards. Thank you for joining us on the EEARSS Podcast, you can find us on all Platforms by Searching EEARSS

Andy Murray Season 2 Episode 16

Howdy and WELCOME! to the EEARSS Podcast Produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 16 of Season 2 we are Joined by Andy Murray. where do I start, what a tremendous guy he is. He is an extremely talented Chef and Businessman (who operates the Caddyshack Bros Restaurants in Rosemont Illinois and St Augustine Florida), with an incredible family. Andy is 1 of 9 siblings, a few which are actors, Joel, Brian and Bill Murray. Andy has just recently published a book called "Eat, Drink and Be Murray" and what an excellent read is it! There are stories about growing up in the Murray home, his loving parents, trouble the brothers would cause and so much more! Including some seriously tasty recipes along with each story that are easy/quick to make. The way in which this book is written takes you literally into the Murray family home and puts you into the kitchen and at the table right beside them. The book also has fun memories of places Andy has worked/cooked, notable people that have come in and how his experience and love for cooking has evolved along the way. Not to mention the vital tools required to do the job! If you are looking for the IDEAL Christmas Present, look no further! You can find "Eat, Drink and Be Murray" at Walmart, Target, Amazon, Google Books and about anywhere else you can imagine! Andy will also be having a book signing Friday December 2nd, in St. Augustine at the Murray Bros CaddyShack Restuarant there. Thank you for tunning in! You can find the EEARSS Podcast on all platforms by searching EEARSS! See you next week! And a blessed Thanksgiving to you and your families!!


EVENT SPOTLIGHT: ECO FEST 2022 Set for Nov. 19 at Sand Point Park in Titusville - Space Coast Daily Thank you to Space Coast Daily for the Love!!!

Krista Miller Season 2 Episode 15

Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS podcast produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 15 on Season 2 we are join by the Principal of Astronaut High School, Krista Miller. We chat with Mrs Miller about her career, family, work and much more. Mrs. Miller is an excellent leader at a great school and this is a perfect opportunity to get to know her and more about Astronaut High School! Thank you so much for tunning in! We finish this episode with trivia. Dont forget this Saturday Nov 19th is the EEARSS to the Environment EcoFest at SandPoint Park in Titusville. This is a FREE event. Come out and enjoy great food, music, vendors, facepainting, raffles, FWC, FWS, BCSO and also many other non-profits! Its from 9am-4pm and we look forward to seeing you there!!!


Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS Podcast produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 14 of Season 2 we are joined by Gina Stanford of the Hummingbird Pantry Gina is a woman with an incredible story that helps our community at every opportunity. She started the Hummingbird Pantry what will be 10 years ago this December. She tells us about her purpose in originally creating the Pantry and how it has grown, and all the people is has helped in return. Yet again another excellent opportunity to get to know a Intigral organization and the person leading it in our community. Hummingbird Pantry is in need of volunteers. You can learn more about that and their distribution times by going to their Facebook page. Hummingbird Pantry, Hummingbird Distribution times and Hummingbird Pantry Volunteers. Thank you so much for tunning in. You can find the EEARSS Podcast on all platforms by searching EEARSS. EEARSS has a huge event next Saturday November 19th at SandPoint Park in Titusville. This FREE event has food trucks, vendors and non-profits along with live music all day and some amazing raffles! We hope to see you there!!