Belize Research

Well it's been an incredible week in Belize supporting our dear friends with the Crocodile Research Coalition. We were able to assemble a new holding pen for young crocodiles for … Continue reading Belize Research

EEARSS Intern Blog

Good Morning everyone, Frank Robb here. I encouraged our EEARSS Intern Rebecca Hallanan to start writing a blog of her experiences as an intern with us. I hope this will … Continue reading EEARSS Intern Blog

Belize Adventures

Including a few short videos or our adventures in Belize with the CRC (Crocodile Research Coalition).

Possums saved

Found these guys. Well actually 3 boys and 1 girl yesterday on the road after their mom had been hit by a car. Safely transferred to Florida Wildlife Hospital ❤️ … Continue reading Possums saved


Today started an amazing collaboration with EEARSS and Astronaut High School and their Drone program. Super excited about this!

Alligator research paper published

Really happy to share our first alligator paper! 🐊 🐊 🐊 🐊 #OneHealth assessment of Hg in NC vs FL Highly variable site specific high mercury accumulation Step 1 in … Continue reading Alligator research paper published

The Debut of the EEARSS Podcast!

Check out the video below and visit us on our YouTube Channel to view them. Coming soon will be the availability of the Podcast from your favorite places, including Apple … Continue reading The Debut of the EEARSS Podcast!