EEARSS in the Miami Herald

Wild Rescue Florida posted two pictures Thursday on Facebook of an unusual creature discovered on the Space Coast. Spoiler alert: The critter was 100 percent not a Komodo dragon, an apex predator and largest of the lizard species. Read more at:

Bomber the Alligator

Bomber Splash Mash

Watch Alligator Frank Robb of work with Bommer! See how powerful the jaws are for these amazing animals and consider supporting creatures like Chance the Snapper, the famous Chicago Alligator who was rescued by Frank Robb by donating to! Thank you and continued Blessings!

alligator in lake

Things are looking up after Frank Robb’s surgery!

Read about Frank Robb, on by Alligator Robb, after his recent heart surgery! Frank tremendously appreciated the support from the GoFundMe and all of the prayers, messages, and well wishes! He is looking forward to fully healing and getting back to work.