EEARSS Podcast Season 3 Episode 10 Micah Rockwell

🌟 New Episode Alert! 🎧 Discover the extraordinary story of Micah Rockwell in Episode 10, Season 3, brought to you by Terrier TV.

🏫 Join us in exploring Micah’s role as Athletic Director at Merritt Island Christian School (MICS), his inspiring journey, and the significant role of faith in his life.

🌿 Exciting news! Don’t miss our EEARSS to the Environment EcoFest at Cocoa Village on Jan 19th. From 9 am to 4 pm, we have live wildlife, face painting, and games at Cocoa Village Civic Center. The evening continues from 5 pm to 11 pm at the Amphitheater with live music, non-profit highlights, and vendors. And it’s all FREE with fantastic raffles! 🎶

Tune in next week for an engaging talk with Laurilee Thompson. 👉 Join us for the upcoming EcoFest. Let’s come together for an unforgettable experience of community, education, and environmental awareness. Share, like, and comment!

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