EEARSS Podcast Season 3 Episode 9 with Dr Duane De Freese

Dive into the heart of Florida’s ecological gem on the latest episode of the EEARSS Podcast by Terrier TV at Titusville High School.

This season’s ninth episode features none other than Dr. Duane De Freese, the esteemed authority on the Indian River Lagoon’s vitality and the innovative research conducted within its waters.

Join us as we navigate the complex currents of environmental conservation with Dr. De Freese, tackling hard-hitting topics and answering burning questions about seagrass die-off, algae blooms and more – all significant concern for our aquatic ecosystems.

Discover the rays of hope that keep Dr. De Freese motivated in the face of ecological challenges. This episode goes beyond the surface, discussing the monumental Aquarium Project with the Brevard Zoo and other pivotal initiatives. Dr. De Freese offers a rare and comprehensive insight into the lagoon’s health struggles and its journey towards recovery, sharing knowledge only a lifelong guardian of the lagoon could possess.

Moreover, we’re thrilled to announce Dr. De Freese as one of the prominent speakers at the upcoming EEARSS to the Environment EcoFest on January 19th in Cocoa Village. This festival is an opportunity for the community to engage with environmental stewards, free of charge! Join us for a day of learning and fun, starting with presentations at the Cocoa Village Civic Center from 9 AM to 4 PM, where the day will be brimming with activities like face painting by Meg Desiree and games by Rick Schreiber of the Infinite Mushroom, along with a live animal exhibition by Gator Bill Robb with EEARSS.

As the sun dips, the festivities move outdoors from 5 PM to 11 PM, setting the stage for live music acts including Quil Darling, Kyle and the 8 Minute Mile, Robbing the Bank, and more. This is a celebration of the passionate individuals and organizations dedicated to making a substantial impact on our environment.

Thank you all for tuning in to this enlightening episode. Remember, the EEARSS Podcast is available across all platforms – just search for ‘EEARSS’ to stay connected with environmental action and education. Let’s come together for a day of ecological enlightenment and entertainment at the EcoFest!

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