EEARSS Podcast Season 3 Episode 8 with Carsten Petersen of Spacecoast Executive Jet Center

Dive into the world of aviation with Carsten Petersen from Spacecoast Executive Jet Center in our latest EEARSS Podcast episode. Through Carsten’s insights, we unravel the mysteries of the aviation sector and the pivotal role of FBOs.

Skyward Journeys: Carsten’s career offers a glimpse into the challenges and innovations of aviation, shedding light on the often overlooked yet essential realm of Fixed-Base Operators.

Titusville Trivia: In a delightful twist, Carsten introduced a Titusville-themed trivia, celebrating the city’s unique charm and testing our local knowledge.

EcoFest Support: Highlighting the upcoming EEARSS EcoFest event, we’re proud to have Spacecoast Executive Jet Center as a key sponsor, echoing our shared vision for sustainability.

This episode, rich in aviation insights and local Titusville pride, promises an engaging listen for all. Catch this and more in Season 3 of the EEARSS Podcast, available on our website and major podcast platforms.

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