EEARSS Podcast Season 3 Episode 3 Linda Perry Sea Turtle Preservation Society

Howdy and welcome to the EEARSS Podcast produced by Terrier TV and its students.

In this exciting episode of the EEARSS Podcast, your hosts Frank, Bill and Cindy embark on a journey of exploration and conservation.

First, Frank shares his recent adventures and experiences. Then, the spotlight turns to our special guest, Linda Perry of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society. Linda discusses the incredible work her organization is doing to protect and preserve sea turtles. Discover the challenges they face, heartwarming success stories, and how you can get involved in this vital mission. The episode culminates in a fun and educational trivia segment, where you can test your knowledge and learn more about the world of sea turtles and conservation.

Thank you to Edna Wilson with Celebrate Remax AeroSpace for your support of EEARSS and this Program.

If you are interested in being a sponsor for this program or learning more about EEARSS, Drop us an email at EEARSS.ORG@GMAIL.COM

See you next week with our Friend Dr. Brandon Moore! What an incredible Journey this man has been on!

Don’t Forget about the EEARSS to the Environment EcoFest in Cocoa Village on Jan 19th! Speakers and presentations, inside the civic center from 9am-4pm and live music outside from 5-11pm

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