Rick Wolter Episode 41 Season 2 EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast

Howdy and welcome to the EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast, Produced by Terrier TV at Titusville High School. On Episode 41 of Season 2 we are joined by Rick Wolter of underdogdevs.org/.

Rick and I have been friends since early on, maybe 1st grade. We all have our own journeys we go through in life and Rick is no exception. He has faced adversity and challenge, more than most will ever understand. He didnt choose to let that define him. He is terrific man and a great friend that is accomplishing so many outstanding things.

Under Dog Devs is a group of software engineers helping aspiring developers who are either formerly incarcerated or from an economically disadvantaged background. They are creating opportunities in tech for people who might not otherwise get an opportunity. They were founded in September of 2020 and currently depend on 100% volunteer support.

Learning about Rick, this group and the work they are doing is incredible. You wont want to miss this conversation. Thank you for tuning in to the EEARSS Podcast. You can find us on all platforms by searching EEARSS.

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