OMGitswicks Season 2 Episode 37 EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast

Howdy and welcome to the EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast, Produced by Terrier TV at Titusville High School. Fun one this week! On Episode 37 of Season 2 we are joined by OMGitsWicks.

Josh or OMGitsWicks as he is known on social media is truly a social media icon. He is known for his skits and comedic genius with Florida and Floridians. Flip phone activated and only in Florida, just glad I got it on my flip phone are his fun phrases.

He is also a wonderful man that sincerely enjoys providing a laugh and smile to anyone that tunes in. We learn about his Florida roots, where the social media handle comes from, his ties to central Florida and College here, the origins of his social media journey and much more. Excellent conversation with and even better human! Keep after it Wicks!!

Thank you for tuning in to the EEARSS Podcast, you can find us on all platforms by searching EEARSS. Huge thank you to all of those that help keep EEARSS operating, like Edna Wilson with Celebrate Remax AeroSpace. Edna and her team love the Spacecoast and want to help you with your home buying or selling needs. Excellent woman and group that do so so much in our community! Thank you Edna.

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