Season 2 Episode 33 EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast, Dr. Robert Ossiboff

Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast produced by Terrier TV. On Season 2 Episode 33 EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast we are join by Dr. Robert Ossiboff with the Zoological Medicine Diagnostic Laboratory of the College of Veterinary Medicine with the University of Florida.

Dr. Ossiboff, or Oz as he goes by is a wealth of information. Goodness gracious the information! Flipping love it. We talk to Oz about several different things that are going on in Florida with our wildlife and disease. He explains how Florida is the hot-spot of viruses, bacterium and fungal infections jumping wildlife species We discuss possible Zoonotic Viral and Bacterial diseases.

Ever want to know what was the cause of all the death’s of Softshell and other turtles that have been found in the St. John’s River and Lakes attached? About A new Species of Virus he recently found in a sick alligator in Northern Florida? A type of Bacteria that is affecting anoles on the West Coast of Florida and how terrifying it is for other species of wildlife, maybe even us. The travel of snake fungal disease…. I could go on and on!

This should be an eye opening discussion for anyone that wonders about the true effect of invasive and exotic species on our native wildlife and the diseases that feel very at home now in our backyards and why that is!

You can contact Dr. Ossiboff at this Link

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