Jeff Talbert Season 2 Episode 30

Howdy and Welcome to the EEARSS by Alligator Robb Podcast produced by Terrier TV. On Episode 30 of Season 2 we are joined by Jeff Talbert with the Atlanta Botanical Garden. We have an experiment to see how many times I can butcher saying that. And who knows what else lol.

Jeff and I grew up together and this was awesome catching up with him and hearing about all the Incredible things he is doing. Jeff is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever known and has one heck of an incredible journey he has been on. Listen in or watch and enjoy!! Thank you for tunning in. We finish with Trivia!

You can find the EEARSS Podcast on all platforms by searching EEARSS. See you next week! Thank you to Edna Wilson with Celebrate ReMax Aerospace for sponsoring our program. Edna and her team love Titusville and the Space Coast. They are dedicated to helping their town thrive. They know buying or selling a home is a really big deal! They promise to help you make your homeownership dreams come true. Visit

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