EEARSS Podcast Episode 6 JT Hassel

On Episode 6 of the EEARSS Podcast we speak with JT Hassel, Mr. Hassel grew up in Titusville, attended THS and AHS. He played college football and made it to the NFL. He started a 501c3 NonProfit called the Hassel Foundation.

We speak about his journey, growing up, college and NFL life and all that entails. The purpose of the Hassel foundation and his and its mission. We end the show with some sports trivia. The Hassel Foundation has an event upcoming in Titusville at Gibson Park. You can find out more about that at You Can find JT Hassel on Instagram at JTHASSEL1 Thanks for tuning in!!

Hosts of the EEARSS Podcast (Bill Curtis, Cindy Dennison and Frank Robb) with JT Hassel

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