Chicago/Tradder Todd’s/CrocFest

Good Afternoon, a few updates! Just getting Back from Chicago a couple weeks ago, where my Dad and I went to celebrate fathers day weekend, loved sharing the beautiful city and the kindness there with him. While in town Trader Todd’s had a snappy hour event for EEARSS. Would like to send the sincerest thank you out to Virginia and Todd, the owners of Trader Todd’s for having the event and for matching funds raised. Sweetest people, great friends, and one of the most fun places in Chicago.

Also want to give a shout out and a Thank You to Betsy Shepherd, Betsy has been a huge help to me over these past couple years and a great friend. Many thanks to you for your help in setting up this event and just being an overall great lady.

Went to CrocFest over the weekend at ZooTampa, it was a huge success, raising $107,000 dollars for Indian Gharial research.

The Gharial is a large, fish eating crocodilian thats numbers are quickly declining due to numerous reasons. Everything from a lack of a specific type of sand that they nest in, to being killed in fishing nest, mistakenly, for food and water quality being a few of those. Jeff Lang is the man when it comes to everything with this species and I truly am excited for him and his research.

Other notes, we are outlining a business and corporate donation plan for our research which will we shall be releasing here shortly.

If you, your business or corporation is interested in funding research locally and globally, to improve human health along with wildlife/habitat we would welcome the partnerships, and can offer much in return.

For further details please drop us an email at

More to come soon!

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