Good Morning

Good morning, its been far too long since an update on EEARSS and on me so I figured we would get into it!

Its been 13 weeks since surgery, things are going well, I have had to slow down a bit over the past week or so and the Dr’s urging, I was doing a bit more than I should. He reminded me that I had just been cut in half 3 months ago haha and that I had a little bit of my sternum removed and the cartilage around my ribs “modified” a bit as well. Literally the day after that, playing with my dogs in the living room I tweaked something, just a bit, was rather terrifying and I believe that was the good Lord nudging me to chill out. So I have been trying, lol its hard not to be running like a hummingbird, when thats how its always been.

Well I have a rather incredible blessing to share.

I received a bill recently for my hospital stay and medical procedures. As you all know hospital stays, cardio therapy, medications, follow-ups, are beyond expensive. I was provided the opportunity to settle with the hospital thanks to all of you and the help you provided.

Your help, prayers and moral support through every step of this has meant so much to me .I will never be able to say thank you enough, but you better believe I will be trying. Best prepare yourselves for some giant Alligator hugs in the very very near future. I couldn’t be surrounded and supported by a better group of people. God is great.

On the EEARSS front, we have recently grabbed some support from businesses and is looking for sponsors for our research and outreach.

Currently we have The St Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park, Boundless Snacks, Stumpys Hatchet House in Cocoa Village, Hello Again Books in Cocoa Village, From Olives to Grapes, Vibe Farmer, Adjust the Mic Podcast, JTBstamps, Pelican Coast Marine. Thank you all so much, we will be making sure you know how much we appreciate you all and how much the local environment will benefit from your support.

We are always looking to add new business connections and research collaborations. We are Currently working with NC State on American Alligator Projects in North Carolina in on the Space Coast in Florida.

We are also now officially Tax Exempt! If you are willing to donate, there is a button on the home page to do so, either way we all with EEARSS appreciate your support and love so very much!

Frank Alligator Robb

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