New Project

Howdy y’all, got some exciting news! We will be collaborating with North Carolina State University on our first research project through EEARSS. We will be capturing American Alligators in Brevard County and sampling and looking for contaminate loads of all types including forever chemicals. No animals will be harmed during this, they will donate a little blood, urine tissue, gain a pit tag and be on their way. The alligator is the perfect tool to discover things in the local environment that will soon, or is currently effecting human health. This is due to them being an apex predator, and literally being a floating file of information/ history of an area. Look forward to sharing along the way. Continued Blessings!

If anyone would like to donate to help this and other projects in the future, we have a donation link here on the site. Or order a book and learn about the importance of this creature which also gives to our cause.

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