Nearly October

Another year nearly gone, wow does time fly.?..soar?…rocket? ah maybe its all of those. These past few weeks have seen some critters in some very interesting situations. It has been quite busy.

There is on on-going issue with wildlife that needs to be addressed, and if we are being honest has been discussed over and over and over again, but nobody ever seems to get it. Feeding wildlife is a bad idea, wait is that going far enough? Feeding Wildlife ends up with getting them Killed. That is nobody’s fault but yours. The fish, turtles, birds, squirrels, racoons, alligators or whatever else you feel you must leave out food or throw/give food too, you ARE NOT helping them. I know we as humans feel a need to connect to wildlife. Nobody understands that better than I do, but when you find yourself feeding a wild animal you have went to far. They need to be afraid of us, they need to make a living on their own. Think about the repercussions long term before doing something that makes you smile for a split second. You can get that same smile from watching them from a distance. Think before you act. I know this is asking likely way too much from many, but here I am reaching out asking yet again. Dont feed wildlife.

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