Continued Blessings

Howdy, those of us here in the South East are now in the hottest few weeks of the year. If you dare be outside from 11-3pm you will pay for it in sweat to the extreme. We are also nearing what is called “the fall crawl”. This is a time where alligators that have been spending time or traveling an area, decide its time to go find the place to over-winter, or hunker down till next spring. Just like in the spring there will be alligators showing up in not so common areas walking and searching for spots that they may have spent previous winters in. With new neighborhoods popping up everywhere, this will lead to a fence, garage, wall, front porch, pool and countless other situations being new/in the way. Be aware, dont be worried. They do not have murder on their minds or in their hearts.

Lots of other critters will start moving in the fall, including the Hog Nose snake. If you want to learn more about this species, which is beyond awesome Go check out the website of Glenn Bartolotti an expert and legend, be mesmerized. Find that at This is also a great time to go visit your Local EELs properties if you are in Brevard County, these properties were set aside for us to go enjoy…I encourage you to please do that.

Also If you have not looked up Fight for Zero Brevard, check out the FB page which will be tagged in this post. Know what is really going on in your local community. Run by a true local hero.

Shout out to Adjust The Mic Podcast…. The future of this group is EPIC…. trust me tune in

A special thank you to My cousin Tommy Robb for taking much much time out of his busy schedule to teach me about all things website. The man is a genius Folks.

May God bless, protect and have a profound impact on you each this month, thank you so very much for taking the time. Frank Alligator Robb

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